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Sweeteners for better palatability.

Oseo is a range of high-performance sweeteners that make feed more palatable. Oseo provides a lasting sweet flavour tailored to the type of animal and feed..

Why do animals like sweet feed ?

Sweetness in feed is synonymous with pleasure and energy development. It is therefore a flavour that all species naturally enjoy. A sweet flavour makes feed more palatable without becoming repulsive (unlike salt for example).

Oseo is suitable for ruminants and swine. The Oseo range has strong sweetening properties, for delivering an intense sweet flavour while taking up a minimum of percentage in the composition of feed.

What are the benefits ?

  • Very palatable feed

Ruminants & Swine

Oseo for which species ?

What forms does the Oseo range come in ?

The Oseo range is available in powder form. You then add Oseo to feed at a concentration determined by the type of feed and animal. Contact us for more information.
For more information, please contact us.

POWDER: 25kg carboard; 12.5kg bag according to reference (Dluo on request)

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