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Olpheel Eat

Optimal consumption of feed

What is "Olpheel Eat" ?

Olpheel Eat is a sensory solution designed to stimulate shrimp appetite and feed intake. It stimulates their chemoreceptive systems and thus their feeding behaviour. It is composed of different olfactory nuclei that contribute to:

  • Stimulating shrimp interest in feed

  • Improving shrimp feed intake via greater palatability

  • Stimulating shrimp appetite and improving their loyalty to feed

What are the benefits of Olpheel Eat ?

Incorporating Olpheel Eat into your feed helps to:

  • Stimulate feed intake
  • Achieve more homogeneous growth
  • Enhance palatability of low-fishmeal and medicated feeds
  • Optimise formula cost

Why use Olpheel Eat ?

Shrimp are carnivores with a significantly high protein requirement. Fishmeal is the most ideal protein for shrimp, but the scarcity of fish stocks and the high and ever-rising prices of fishmeal have led to the reduction of fishmeal  in formulas. Fishmeal is generally replaced with plant-based protein, or more recently, alternative proteins like microalgae or single-cell protein which can compensate nutritionally but decrease palatability. 
Shrimp are also subject to a lot of variations in environmental factors, which directly impact feed intake. For example, the winter season and low temperatures are often associated with lower feed intake in shrimp ponds. 
As shrimp have complex feeding behaviours with different stages (detection, orientation, choice, ingestion, and rejection of pellets), it is important to ensure that feed will be consumed. A lot of products are used on the market today to enhance feed intake with appetising olfactory compounds, mostly animal hydrolysates, but few products actually look into the inner workings of animal appetite. 

Olpheel Eat is a high-tech solution adapted to shrimp taste. With its comprehensive and complex composition, Olpheel Eat operates at various levels of the feed intake process in shrimp, including: detection, orientation and locomotion towards feed, pellet intake, limiting rejections, appetite signals in the brain. Feeds with low palatability can be improved with Olpheel Eat to allow easier intake by all shrimp in the pond: the animals benefit from overall feed quality, feed losses are reduced and pond water quality is thus improved. By stimulating feed intake behaviour in ponds, Olpheel Eat contributes to getting every shrimp to eat, leading to more homogeneous shrimp size and higher biomass.

How is Olpheel Eat packaged?

Olpheel Eat is a powder designed to be used by feed manufacturers. Olpheel Eat is incorporated into microingredients during aquafeed manufacturing. The incorporation rate to use depend on the application and production stage. For more information, please contact our technical team.

* Some packaging formats may not be available in all geographic regions. Product availability may vary from country to country. Please contact Phodé Laboratories.

20kg bags of POWDER

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