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Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter

Balance rumen pH

Sub-Acute Ruminal Acidosis (SARA) starts when an animal’s rumen pH falls below 6 and if it continues to fall below 5 or 4, the ruminant enters ruminal acidosis. 
Although the effects of SARA induce a lower feed intake, reduced milk production and quality and lower feed efficiency, symptoms in the field are invisible. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for the farmer to detect sub-acute ruminal acidosis in a cow just by looking at it. 
Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter naturally increases average ruminal pH by enhancing saliva production and improving its composition in buffer components. These endogenous buffers in saliva can neutralise acidic components and thus help manage the risk of sub-acute ruminal acidosis.

The type of ration, the climate, stressful situations, competition at the trough, etc. can influence feeding behaviour. Decreased intake, chewing or rumination can reduce saliva production and ruminal pH. Spices and olfactory active substances are valuable ingredients for naturally balancing saliva production and quality. 

Today, sub-acute ruminal acidosis is frequent and caused by various parameters: 

  • High-carbohydrate rations: to achieve a certain level of production, cows must be fed with rations rich in carbohydrates. These are broken down in the rumen by amylolytic bacteria, whose activity lowers ruminal pH. 
  • Decreased feed intake: in conditions promoting heat stress, for example, animals tend to lower their feed intake, leading to less rumination. Rumen pH therefore decreases. 
  • Grazing cows or those fed with rapidly fermentable low-fibre grass are also more susceptible to developing ruminal acidosis. 


Fluctuations and decreases in rumen pH can be avoided by boosting the animal’s natural physiological processes: rumination and the production of saliva and endogenous buffers. 

For dairy cows and beef cattle

Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter
for which species ?

What are the benefits of Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter ?

  • More saliva (+27%) produced by the animals 
  • Saliva richer in endogenous buffers (70%  more Phosphorus in saliva) 
  • More time ruminating (+9 min) 
  • 12% of the time in sub-acidosis (rumen pH < 6) 

Packaging and use how to use Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter ?

Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter is available as a powder to be incorporated into feed.

Oleobiotec Saliva Promoter is recommended during periods of risk that promote acidosis, like:

  • Grazing,
  • Heat stress,
  • Start of lactation,
  • More generally, when rations are energy-rich

POWDER: 25kg box or 20kg bag

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